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Is RocoMamas Halaal?

Which RocoMamas is halaal?

Contact number for RocoMamas?

Is RocoMamas open for sit down?

Does RocoMamas sell alcohol?

What time does RocoMamas close?

Does RocoMamas sell beef or pork ribs?

I’d like to review my restaurant or takeaway experience. Where can I do this?

Ordering from Home

Is RocoMamas on MR D & Uber Eats?

Does RocoMamas deliver?

Ordering from App

How to Add/Start an online order

Will I get notified of my order status?

Can I edit my order after applying / redeeming vouchers.

Can I view my past orders?

Can I view my active order progress or status?

Loyalty and APP

How can I change my personal details?

Why do I exit the app when I register or log in?

I was previously a RocoLove member. Why do I need to register again and what happened to my vouchers and points?

How do I delete my profile?

What will I be notified about?

I’m having trouble using the app, who do I contact?

I’m loving the app and want to give feedback, who can I send this to?

Who is eligible to join?

How do I sign up to be a loyalty member?

What are the advantages of becoming a loyalty member?

Gift Vouchers

How long is a eGift Voucher valid for?

How do I check the balance on my eGift Voucher?


How do I scan my bill to earn points?

Can I scan to pay?

Why must I scan the bill?

Can I scan to redeem a voucher?

Will I have to link my credit/debit card again if I want to order using click and collect?

Can I add more than 1 Credit Card?

Can I remove my saved credit card?


How much is a RocoMamas franchise in South Africa?

How do you go about enquiring to buy a RocoMamas franchise in South Africa?

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